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Every industry requires a unique marketing approach. Getting more customers in the door will look different for a restaurant, compared to a dentist’s office. That’s why you’ll receive customized services, tailored to your business’s needs.

Even in today’s modern world, many businesses still don’t have websites, or worse, a poorly designed website that lacks functionality. All successful businesses have one.

Why does the restaurant down the street always seem to have their tables full? Does it feel like your competitor is receiving new customers everyday? It might be because of their convenient online booking system.

According to Forbes, “90% of customers say that what they decide to buy is influenced by positive online reviews, and 94% will use a business with at least four stars.” We help your business generate authentic 5-star reviews from your real customers. No fake reviews. No Google violations. It’s all part of our interactive software-based customer feedback strategy.

Do you ever wonder how your competitor’s always seem to be at (or near) the top of Google’s search results? Getting there is called “Search Engine Optimization”, or “SEO” or short. SEO is a multi-billion dollar industry, but even small business owners can benefit significantly from a little bit of SEO.

In our own proven experience working with real clients, businesses that accept online payment with secure credit card links receive significantly more revenue and a higher invoice collection rate. Don’t leave money on the table by limiting your customers’ options for payment.